Sunday, September 6, 2009

A First for Us

Thanks to Hawaiian Falls finding my earlier post they featured my blog on their email newsletter to help publicize their Single Parent Celebration Night. So as a nice treat they gave Brayden a complimentary ticket for admission (single parents were free). Since I LOVE free things, last night we conquered a first for us....attending a "single parent" function. Even though I've been single for the last four and a half years, I've just never gone to something that was intended for single parents only.

We did have a few disappointments, but overall we had a pretty good time. Earlier in the day, I had told him we were going to the waterpark later in the evening. He immediately remembered getting cotton candy the last time or "hairy stuff" as he likes to call it. So all day, all I heard was "are we still going to get the hairy stuff and sno cones?" I assured him all day that would be the first thing on our list. So first thing when we walk into the park he immediately wanted the cotton candy...we check both food booths--NO cotton candy. Instant disappointment. We were told they "thought" they stopped selling it a few hours beforehand. Then we checked for the sno cones--No sno cones. Again instant disappointment. You would think seeing all the fun water spraying and slides everywhere- it would take away his disappointment, but unfortunately not to a 4 year old who had been obsessing about it all day. (I still don't quite understand myself why they only sell those items only during certain times.) So as we walked around, he noticed a bounce house. He wanted to get in it (apparently it had just opened), but of course some much bigger and wilder boys had just got in so I didnt want him jumping with them. (I think after he saw them too, he agreed because there was no argument/begging to jump.) So then we ventured over to the wave pool, where we had the best thirty minutes. He actually LOVED trying to jump the waves and splash mommy. Then as his face got wet, he remembered his goggles. (If you have seen any of his previous swimming pics or this post, this boy HATES for water to get in his eyes and insist on wearing his goggles.) His goggles...oh no! the goggles that he mistakingly left in the car. Of course he wanted to immediately get out of the wave pool and go get his goggles in the car, but I tried to assure him that he was just fine and nobody else was wearing goggles. He of course would not get over it, so I thought taking him over to the "kiddie area" would be fun and help get his mind off his goggles. After walking over there, what is the FIRST thing we see?!?! The only other kid in the ENTIRE park who was wearing goggles. Instant meltdown and wanting to go back out to the car again. So we turn around and walk around a little more. He saw the life vest and remembered from last time that he needed one (even though he hadn't been using one and was just fine). After a good life vest fitting, we went back to the wavepool. After about 5 minutes, he decided he didnt like the life vest, he was too cold and was hungry. Luckily I thought a lil ahead and brought him a hoodie to wear. So we went to get dinner, unfortunately they didnt have any of the good specials like the last time we went so full price for everything (disappointment for me). We both got hotdogs again and by this time the liveband, StanHope hosted by the Christian radio station started playing. They were really good! It also started getting a little darker so they turned on various spotlights and Christmas lights throughout the park. It was a beautiful setting topped off with an orange, full moon...a very tropical feeling. After we walked around a lil bit and watched various "big kids" slide down the "scary slides" he was ready to go home (and so was I). =)

Unfortunately I made the mistake of not checking my camera's battery before we left so I was only able to get a couple of semi good pics before the battery went out.

Not sure why he has SUCH a tight grip on his fries. =)
Easily distracted =)

The park at night, (well a blurry version):

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Jes said...

Hate that he was disappointed, but still looks like ya'll had a good time!

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