Monday, September 7, 2009

Boys With Their Toy Guns

What better activity is there to do RIGHT before bedtime? Well, a WilD and cRaZy nerf gun fight with your Papa of course. =)

But first, showing off your new "booty dance" to grandma is a must:

Now on to the "gun showdown":

Of course, my dad showed no mercy to Brayden. =)

Having grandma caulk his gun for him.

Taking cover under the table
Trying to taunt my dad =)
And now running from him.

Even as spectators, my mom and I had SUCH a great time watching and laughing with them. If your household doens't have any nerf guns, I highly suggest getting a couple. They are fun for all ages/genders. =)

After Brayden got worn down, he passed his gun off to me. Then my dad and I discovered it's a pretty good lil work out running around the house chasing each other. =)



Jes said...

Cute Idea!

Christy said...

Your son is adorable. Thanks for reading my blog. Nice to meet you!

southern queen bee said...

That sounds like fun...Brayden is so cute.Love his smile. I might have to get some of those to have at our camp. Great thing for those teenagers when they are bored

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