Friday, August 14, 2009

Hawaiian Falls Waterpark

Unfortunately, I have been a lil behind in the blogging world this week. I had to put my summer graduate courses as a priority so I could get these two classes over and done with! Now that I am able to catch up a little bit, I wanted to back track a few days to Monday.

Thank goodness for Monday's "Maui Mom's Club" at Hawaiian Falls!!! Brayden and I were able to take advantage of a few FABULOUS deals they have for moms with toddlers and the best part spend the day with some of our good friends.
1st Deal of the Day: I got in for FREE! (savings of about $25)
2nd Deal of the Day: Buy 1 Lunch Combo get 1 FREE. Brayden and I were both able to eat lunch (2 hot dogs, 2 order of fries and 2 large sodas) for only $5!!
Since we saved so much money on getting in and our lunch I decided we would splurge a lil on some fun treats. So our 3rd Deal of the Day: $1 off our Hawaiian Shaved Ice using our lunch receipt. We also splurged on some cotton candy (or hairy stuff as Brayden liked to call it). It was all delicious and I can't believe that was our first sno cone for the summer.

Although Brayden was a lil hesitant when it came to some of the slides and he always INSISTED that he wear his goggles if there was ANY possible CHANCE of him getting splashed in the face with water and decided his borrowed lifejacket was a must if the water was above his knee, we had a FABULOUS time! It was a perfect way to spend our last Monday of summer break. Enjoy a slideshow from our day. =)



Joan said...

Looks like a fun place. =)

I love the pic of Brayden on the surf board. He has the posture down!

Jes said...

Love the Surfboard picture with Brayden on it! Too Cute! Looks like ya'll had a blast!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pics! He looked so cute even with his grumpy face at times!

Anonymous said...

I haven't figured out this comment thing cause it always ask for an ID!
aunt gigi

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Girl, thanks for the comment love! Amazing how we are all so similar... everyone seems to be able to relate to this, and makes me so glad I put it out there like that!

Here's to hoping we find our balance!


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