Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sixth Birthday "Wish List"

I CAN. NOT. believe ONE WEEK from today, my lil boy will be SIX years old!! He is so excited for his birthday, each day he lets me know how many more days it is until his birthday. On his actual birthday day, my parents are coming into town to pick him up from school for our early release. Then they will all get to spend the afternoon having fun together. :)

Brayden has quite the lil birthday wish list this year! The major item on his list is an Xbox 360 with Kinect. I know it's a BIG gift, but after playing my nephew's Xbox, I think I want it just as much as Brayden does. :) I do have to say, thanks to all the Amazon giftcards I earned using Swagbucks, I was able to save $140 and an extra $10 Amazon giftcard using Checkpoints. Jason also earned $25 using Swagbucks to contribute to the cause. :) All that added together makes the price a lil more bearable.

Here are a few other things that he would like for his birthday, in no particular order-

He is very into this new remote control car called Stealth Rides. They are made by Hot Wheels. This was something that he originally saw on a commerical and had me looking at all of the stores for something called "Lock it Pocket"....well come to find out that was just a catchy phrase used on the commercial. The car actually flattens so you put it inside the remote control and then it fits into your pocket.

Right now, he is in LOVE/obsesed with this educational show on PBS called "Wild Kratts". It is full of information all about animals and it's great because he retains everything he learns from the episodes. One of his favorites animals now is a Honey Badger, something I had never heard of before, but he can tell you all about them from watching this show.

He has also been wanting this butterfly garden for quite some time, thanks to the fabulous infomercials on it. :)

He thinks he needs a couple of new games to go along with the XBox, so he chose:

And of course he thinks he needs these Xbox accessories to go along with his new Xbox:

We'll see how many of these items he actually gets for his birthday...I'm thinking a few of them will have to be switched over to a Christmas list. :)


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