Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Special Someone...Part 2

After my original post introducing everyone to our "special someone" (found here if you haven't read it yet), I asked Jason for his approval on the post. Thankfully, he LOVED it, his only question was...when is part 2 coming? I replied "part 2?!? What would part 2 include?" Then he mentioned a couple of ideas like our first Thanksgiving together and our official dating anniversary. I liked his thinking of a part 2, so here we go...

* Our official anniversary for boyfriend/girlfriendness is 10/10/10...such a fun date, right?!? :)
* A backdated Thanksgiving post will be coming soon, so be on the lookout.

Now that I addressed his part 2 request, I think I will take an opportunity to switch over and let you know just how amazing we think he is. First off...the fact that he doesnt have any kids of his own and he is more than willing to be apart of our crazy life and help fullfill that role that Brayden has been missing for the last 5.5years should be enough to show how amazing he is, but I want to share a little more.

* First off, Jason is a shy guy, but he is also the kind of guy that is willing to get his dance on...
and his singing on....
just because he knows how happy it makes me to see him do two things, he is really good at but doesn't want to let the world know...until now. :) Hahahaha!!

* He is an amazing cook and recipe follower. Some of his specialities that I have got to experience so far are grilled steak/vegetables, turkey tacos and our favorite queso. We are sort of a creature of habit and tend to eat our favorites over and over, but I can't wait for us to try out many more recipes together.

* He is willing to try new ice skating and going to the hockey games with us. We look forward to introducing him to the FC Dallas games as well.

* He often spoils me with BEAUTIFUL dozen roses....just because. :)

* He is willing to support and wear to my alma mater...even though it is his favorite team's rival.

* He embraces me and all my imperfections.

* When it comes down to it, he is just a big kid that loves playing with toys.

* He is my "calmness" in all my "frazzleness" and "rushness". (Yes, two words I just made up.) :)
Example: I'm always rushing around to get to my destination somewhat on time and a few weeks ago was no different. This time we were rushing to pick up pictures at Walmart before my mom's surprise birthday party. And as I did my fastest mall sprint back to the photolab to pick up the pictures, Jason was going to grab a biscuit sandwhich at the McDonalds. Now as I rushed back after picking up the photos, I was expecting him to be in the doorway where we could just quickly dart out the door. When I approached the front of the store, I didn't see him. I looked over to the McDonalds and there he was sitting down leisurely enjoying his sausage biscuit. After my shins hurt from walking SO fast, I couldn't do anything but stop and laugh (and thank him for the soda he got me). Didn't he realize, we were in a HURRY and didn't have time to sit and eat?? :) Again, he is the calmness to my "frazzleness" and "rushness" the way, we did make it my mom's surprise party with time to spare. :)

* He is still learning the joys (and not so joyous moments) of living life with a five year old...but it is definitely an adventure I am so happy to take with him, and extatic that he is willing to take it with us. :)

Goodness, my list could go on and on! I'm definitely one, lucky gal!!



Heidi said...

Yes you are lucky! He's such a sweet guy. I'm so happy for all three of you. :)

Casey said...

So happy for you!!!! What a great catch! And you deserve it!

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