Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

When Brayden woke up this morning he was "Heart Attacked"... Attacked by the Hearts....I found this super cute idea online and since I haven't had a chance to go to the store without Brayden to get him a Valentine's gift, I thought this would be just as special. He LOVED it!!! Although I have to confess, I was a lil saddened when I asked him who he thought did it and I was THIRD on his list. Apparently two girls from his class take priority over me nowdays. :)

This year for Valentine's Day we decided to go the simple route. You might remember Brayden's Valentines from last year....
They were a big hit, but I decide those were a lil too expensive and a lot of work for all of his classmates...maybe next year we will do them again for family and close friends. This year instead he is passing out Valentine Fun Dip...very easy and something that he LOVES to eat himself!!! I was very proud of him for writing his name on all 24 for them in such a small space. Then we made heart shaped Rice Krispie treats for his teacher and my coworkers. We used strawberry marshmallows so they had a pink tint to them (although you can't tell from this picture). :) We thought they were pretty yummy!

Here is Brayden on the big day....cheezing of course. :)
Now on to my special Valentine gifts...

First, I was surprised at school with these BEAUTIFUL dozen roses (in a GORGEOUS ruby red vase), cute teddy bear and chocolates from my very, very special boyfriend. LOVE THEM ALL!!

Aren't they GORGEOUS?!? I definitely think he is a keeper. :) Then I also received lots of adorable cards, chocolates and gifts from my sweet students. After school, my parents took Brayden and I out to a yummy Mexican dinner at Gloria's. Gotta have chips and queso on Valentine's. :) My mom also made us each an individual red velvet cake and chocolate covered strawerries... D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!!! She did such an amazing job on both of them!

Thankfully, my mom also got me the Biggest Loser: Power Walk DVD
after eating all these yummy sweets and chocolates, I'm going to need to do something!!

Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Day!!

I'll leave you with a few of our favorite, SUPER CUTE Valentine books we have read this year. All would be great books to save for Valentines next year to use in the classroom or at home. :)

Click on any of the links above and you can purchase them directly from Amazon...just a reminder they have free shipping on orders over $25.



Michelle said...

I did the heart attack for the kids too! So fun!! What a beautiful gift!

Kristyn Winter said...

Love the heart attack! Also, Matthew has that shirt (Mama's Boy) but when I asked him if he wanted to wear it to school, he asked me if he could wear just a red shirt. WAH!

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