Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our Allen American Snowman

Brayden and I LOVE going to watch our local hockey team the Allen American play hockey. It's a new hobby that we started last year and we both really enjoy it! So when I saw on Facebook today, they were hosting a contest to build an Allen American Snowman and the top 3 win 4 FREE tickets I knew we had to take advantage of this beautiful day....and we had to HURRY before all the snow melted!

I took a TON of photos today but here is our final photo that we submitted:

One of our "snowmen" is slightly falling over but we were having to work super fast...he was melting by the minute!

Here is a short lil video of Brayden introducing everyone...

In case you can't hear him....the lil snowman is his "baby sister" and the middle snowman is his "medium brother." Not sure where he came up with that idea...but he does have quite the lil imagination! I apologize for my voice being sooo loud.

Here are a couple of other cute videos of Brayden playing in the snow...

He keeps saying "he absolutely LOVESS Christmas" thanks to his obsession with the Eloise movies.

Thankfully he doesnt hold a grudge, just a few moments later....

I'm not sure when the contest is over...but I will be sure to update everyone if we actually win the tickets. :)

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Joan said...

Brayden and his snow people look like winners to me. Good luck!

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