Monday, February 7, 2011

100th Day of Kindergarten

Today was our 100th day of school....Brayden's 100th day of kindergarten. It is just so amazing how quickly the time flies by!!! It seems like yesterday we were anxiously preparing for his first day of kindergarten.

After a busy first day, he was fast asleep on our way home.

And now here he is, 100 school days later...

Still fast asleep afterwards... (and yes, he really is sleeping in this pic...I know his eyes look just closed, but I promise he really is sleeping.) :)

Doesn't he look so grown up now?!? He can barely even squeeze into the Hobby Lobby shopping carts!!

While he has been in kindergarten he has done a lot studying.....

[When I asked him what he has learned this year, he claimed "EVERYTHING!!"]
He has met a lot of new friends building those social skills and a lot of new lil girls to crush on...

He has discovered Friday is his favorite weekday. Hmmm... I wonder why?!? :)

And one thing for sure we have discovered....kindergarten completely exhausts him!!! Most days afterschool you can find him fast asleep taking an afternoon nap...and it can be found ANYWHERE...

It's so hard to believe that it won't be long before he is in first grade with me! He is very excited to graduate kindergarten and move on to first grade. :)

He also wanted me to show you his 100th day of school project that he made. He is very proud of it. :)
A Gumdrop Picture Frame


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