Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day

It's can actually, really be called a "Snow Day". We have had continuous light snow fall for the last 15 hours or so and up until a few minutes ago it was still coming down. We still have not left the house since we came home Monday night and since they cancelled the hockey game we planned on going to tonight we have no intention of leaving anytime soon.

Today though, we did at least venture outside the house...even though it was for only 10 minutes and not much further than the front door step.

First thing we did was measure the snow...

and according to our calculations as seen on eye level, we measured 5 inches of snow!!!
Next thing on the agenda...snow collection for our snow ice cream.

Finally got enough....

And of course we couldn't come back inside until after he made a snow angel. And in keeping with our stay at home pj days....he does still have his pjs on underneath his snow pants and jacket. :)

After we came back inside and warmed up with hot chocolate and brownies we made our snow ice cream. We used our big bowl of snow, 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of milk and a lot of vanilla (probably 5-6 tablespoons.) It was DELICIOUS!!!

Sadly this picture was taken AFTER I dropped my camera. :( I think I broke the wasn't taking pictures properly or using the auto focus. I'm going to have to try my other lens to see if it still works correctly.

Hope everyone is staying warm!!


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czstout said...

Oh no, hope your camera's ok!! I've never heard of snow ice cream until are the 2nd person :] Sounds yummy!!

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