Sunday, February 13, 2011

First Lost Tooth

For the last month or so Brayden has had his first loose tooth. A few weeks prior to that he kept telling me his tooth was wiggly and everytime I checked it...I could never get it to budge. Fast forward two weeks when I was doing the daily wiggle check. I wiggled his tooth like I did every other day...but this time was different, it really did wiggle. I was shocked! And I must admit, I did shed a tear or two (or maybe three)...with the realization my baby is growing up!!

Fast forward to last night....we had just walked into the Allen Event Center for the Americans hockey game and as we started to walk up the stairs to our seats Brayden turned to me and said he lost his tooth. I said, WHAT?!?!? At this time, all the lights were going down as the players skated onto the rink, so I had him come back down the stairs because I wasn't sure if he really lost it as in couldn't find it or just lost it. Thankfully, he just lost it. I think it was so loose that his tongue must have nudged it out and he felt it and spit it into his blood or anything. We were both so excited. I think everyone within his radius found out he lost his tooth...of course, including the cheerleaders. He was grinning from ear to ear the whole evening!

He couldn't wait to put his tooth under his pillow for the tooth fairy. Of course, it only took me once to tell him that the tooth fairy wouldn't come unless he was asleep. This morning, he was so excited!!! I could hear him calling "mommy, mommy" so I went into his room to find him beaming with joy.
He was a lil disappointed that the tooth fairy actually took his tooth. He didn't understand why she would need it..."doesn't she already have plenty?!?" He told me that if he would have known she was going to take it, he would have tried to hide it better. He also thought next time, he is going to keep his tooth in his hand, so then he can feel the tooth fairy land in his hand to grab the tooth.

He is so that he has a lost his tooth, he is officially a big boy now (in his words). He even asked me if he could stay home all by when I go shopping at Walmart. I told him absolutely not and he just couldn't quite understand why not...since he is so big now. :)


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