Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pinkalicious and Tutus..

Being a mom of a 4 year old BOY, I am probably one of the last ones you would think of to have a post called "Pinkalicious and Tutus". Well thanks to Brayden's lil girlfriend Katey's birthday party I was able to have a few "first" this last weekend. This was the first time in my whole life that all the items in my shopping basket were PINK.

Sunday was Katey's birthday party and since I never get to buy "girlie" things, I kind of got excited about putting together her present. I first decided on getting her the BEST girly book EVER! (According to all the girls in my class, over the last few years.)

If you have a girl, it is definitely A MUST HAVE along with PURPILIOUS and the newest edition to the series, GOLDILICIOUS. The basic plot is the lil girl LOVES cupcakes and wants to eat the pink cupcakes that her and her mom made. Well, 1 cupcake wasn't enough for her...she wanted more, more, and MORE. Of course, her mom would only let her eat 1, but Pinkalicious was so persistant she insisted on getting another cupcake. I'm sure you can forsee how the story goes...she turns PINK from eating so many cupcakes. Brayden loves the story too and his favorite part is the "twist" at the end. If you want to pick up your own copy of Pinkalicious, check it out at this link...it could make a really GREAT Christmas present.

As you can see from the cover, PINKALICIOUS dresses as a pink fairy. My mind instantly thought of making Katey a PINK tutu so she could look just like Pinkalicious. So, this last weekend I made my very first TUTU! I was originally inspired by my friend Julia's "how to" post on tutus. It ended up being super easy and fun to make. All you need is elastic, tulle (I used one spool that I already had and 2 yds from the fabric dept). I also bought a spool of coordinating ribbon to add an extra embellishment. Then the first thing you need to do is sew your elastic together (thankfully my mom was in town to do this for me). Then you will want to cut your strips of tulle to the desired length (make sure it is long enough to fold over). Finally you will tie it in knots over the elastic...it's that easy. :)
Here was my final tutu: I did 3 dark pink (from my spool, 6 inch wide), 3 lighter pink (cut into 3 inch wide strips)..then 1 shorter yellow strip for an extra accent (I already had this one at home.)

I tried to get Brayden to "try it on" for me so I could see how it would look. Well he was not thrilled with that idea AT ALL because "tutus are for girls not boys". This was the closest I could get to have him as my model:

For the rest of her present I did a tiara, wand, fairy wings,PINK cupcake mix and PINK icing...so now she can be just like Pinkalicious.

Wrapping a tutu wasn't the easiest thing so I opted for a white trashbag. Here was her gift all wrapped up:

He had a SUPER FUN time at the birthday party. It was a bounce party, pizza/cupcakes, and some arcade time. Here are a few pics of the fun:

Also, I just wanted to pass along this amazing deal...Amazon has my FAVORITE family magazine, Disney Family Fun (1-year) for only $4.95!! That's a 1 year subscription right now for only $4.95 until Nov 30th. I get a lot of fun ideas like this one from it. Just go to this link to order your 1 year subscription or gift it to a friend. :) Just so you know, the price looks like it is $9.95, but when you go to the checkout there is an automatic $5 off, to get it at the low price of $4.95.

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Chrissy MacCEO said...

Such an adorable gift! You did a great job! The link to how to make the tutu doesn't seem to be working for me, and I'd really like to check it out. Can you email it to me?

Jen said...

I love the book Pinkalicous! I recently saw Purpalicous at our school book fair last week!! Looks like Katey had a great birthday and LOVED her present!! Do you have the day off today? I am still in my PJs and LOVE it!!

~Bobbi~ said...

LOVE that present!! So girlie.

Those our my girls favorite books. My oldest her fav color is GOLD so GOLDILICIOUS is the one she adores.

Heather said...

Love that gift, so cute and so is your blog!!

Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

First time visitor...

Your son is such a good sport to smile while you put that tutu around his neck. It's beautiful... good job!

And thanks for the book recommendations. I'm going to have to go look for the whole series!


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