Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Photo Tag ~You're it :)

I was tagged by my good blogging friend Joan to play Photo Tag, how fun is that?!?

Here's how the game works - The person who is tagged goes to the first photo file on his/her computer and then goes to the tenth photo in that file. The tagged person posts the picture on his/her blog and tells the story behind it. The tagged person then tags a few people from the blogs he/she reads.

I use Picasa to upload and store my pictures and although my pictures are stored in folders...the folders aren't really organized for some reason (probably should figure that out). My first random folder is from Easter 2008

Here is my 10th pic:

This picture was taken at our city's annual Egg-stravaganza. We went for Easter egg hunting and then Brayden was also able to feed and hold some cute bunnies and chicks.

I'm tagging:

Thanks again Joan for tagging me! :)

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KT said...

Brayden is such a handsome little guy! He looks like such a sweetheart :0) If he showed up in my classroom, I would be so happy to be his teacher.


He & Me + 3 said...

What a cute photo. I am loving his little flip flops and his outfit. So cute.

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