Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fun with Foam Snakes

This evening we tried a fun lil project that I found in my newest "Family Fun" magazine. It's called a "Foamerator".

What you need:
empty plastic water bottle, rubber band, washcloth, dish soap, 2 shallow bowls (1 with water and dish soap in the other one)
1. Cut the bottom section off of the water bottle.
2.Wrap the washcloth on the bottom of the water bottle. Then use the rubberband to secure the washcloth to the water bottle.
3. Dip the water bottle in the water, then in the dish soap.

4. Slowly start to blow through the water bottle and watch your snake as it grows and grows. We found it easier to have our two bowls with us so he could redip in the water when needed.

In Brayden's words this was "AWESOME!" When we were finished, he was already ready to make another one. "We need to make one for you mommy, so we both have one. One for Brayden and one for mommy." Such a lil sweetie pie!



Sherri said...

I came to your blog from TCBOTB I LOVE this idea, going to try and remember it for my use as I get grand kids.

Sara Erwin Heuertz said...

Oh so it really does work!! I saw that in the magazine and thought my boys would love it!! We will have to try it now (that I know it will actually work)!! It looks like great fun!

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