Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Fall Mix" Recipe

I put together a tasty lil treat this past weekend that I thought I would share.

First, I came across THIS really great recipe for a Candy Corn Bark that I thought looked DELICIOUS. I thought it would be great because 1)I LOVE candy corn and 2)I LOVE to make peppermint bark during the Christmas I thought it was the PERFECT combination. After having to go to 2 stores just to find candy corn and Halloween oreos (pre-Halloween) I was ready to go with my candy corn bark. Well, that is until I found THIS great recipe for a Monster Mix from one of my favorite blogs. I couldn't choose between the two so instead I decided I would do the next best thing.....combine the two. =)

So I...

Combined in a large bowl:
* miniature marshmallows
* Reese's pieces (I couldn't find halloween M&M's)
* Halloween Oreo's (broken up)
* Pretzal sticks (I broke into 1/3)
* Candy Corn
(I didn't really measure, just put in an equal amount of each.)

Then I melted white almond bark in the microwave and stirred it into the mixture. After it was evenly coated, I scooped it onto wax paper to dry (sort of like peanut clusters).

It turned out DELICIOUS!! Now of course, I couldn't quite eat the whole batch myself, so I decided to share it with my teammates at work.

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KT said...

Looks really yummy! I have always wanted to try making some sort of dessert "bark," but I have never done it! Maybe for the holidays this year.


mellisarock said...

That looks so yummy!! You family and friends are so lucky that you are making up such sweet treats!!

czstout said...

You are so creative! Looks Yummo! Feel free to share with your neighbors if you ever have left overs :)

He & Me + 3 said...

Girl that looks so yummy. Cute treat bags too.

Tara said...

YUM. That looks really yummy. Nice of you to share with your coworkers.
Love the treat bag idea too.
Have a good weekend.

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