Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Buzzed" Out Yet??

I thought after you have already seen this post and this post you might be a lil "Buzzed" out by now. If so, you might want to ignore this one cause I have a couple of family members that would like to see Brayden actually trick or treating. =) So here is a NEW post showing some of our recent trick or treating highlights just for them (and anyone else interested). =)

For starters, last night my parents came into town and we took Brayden trick or treating in the neighborhood. He LOVED it! He is so snoopy, my mom and I couldn't figure out which he liked more...getting the candy or looking inside everyone's houses. One sweet lady (who we didn't know) even invited him into her foyer so he could get could get a better look at everything inside. Of course he enjoyed every minute of it! He also enjoyed looking at all of the outside decorations, especially the carved pumpkins. Several of the people that passed out candy were dressed up in costumes, so he enjoyed carrying on a conversation about their costumes. One lady was dressed as Medusa and he he couldn't figure out why she had so many snakes in her hair. Another lady was dressed up as Wilma from the Flinstones...he LOVED her huge plastic feet. One of his favorite things he received was a silly pen to write with and one of his favorite places to visit was a "haunted garage" that one of our neighbors made. He enjoyed walking up to the doors and ringing the doorbells on his own. Sometimes he was embarrassingly persistent if they didn't answer the door but still had their porch light on. All in all, he had a FABULOUS time and was super excited to go back with grandma and papa to their house for the week. Of course he made sure that he took ALL of his candy, so I wouldn't eat any while he is gone....I guess he knows me all to well. =)

Here is a short slideshow from last night:

BTW, in case you are curious....I decided to opt out of being Jessie to go along with Brayden's Toy Story theme. Instead I was just an "Oklahoma State fan" which suprisingly gained a lot of attention since they were playing Texas at the exact moment we were trick or treating.

Then last Friday (week before Halloween) we went with our good friends Lacy and Katey trick or treating to the Frisco Fire Safety Town. He had a lot of fun there too! Here is a slideshow of that evening:

And finally my parents took him last week to the Disney Store at the mall. They had a parade of costumes. My mom took his picture next to the sign because she thought it looked just like Brayden. She said a few of the other on lookers that it was Brayden too. =)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!!



mellisarock said...

Hubby was totally screaming at the TV during trick or treating like he had a blast!!

Jenna said...

His costume is so great! I am so snoopy too, I want to go in everyone's houses too lol! Too funny! Have a great week :)


Casey said...

How fun! I can't wait for Owen to be old enough to understand it and enjoy getting the candy :)
We had a little kid come in and look around our house and at all of Owen's toys. Owen wasn't to sure about him in his costume. Kinda funny.

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