Friday, November 6, 2009

Extra Spending Money??

I might just be one of the last ones on the "Swagbucks" bandwagon, but if not I thought I would go ahead and try to persuade a few people to JOIN under me.

What is Swagbucks you ask....well Swagbucks is a search engine powered by google and, It has something extra special that the other search engines don't. Swagbucks pays you points to search!! What do you with the points? Well you can then turn your points in for prizes such as giftcards, paypal credit, and MANY other things.

How does it work? You basically just use everytime you would normally "google' something, then sporadically it gives you a swagbuck for your search. Unfortunately you do not get swagbucks everytime you search...which I guess just makes it all that more exciting when you do earn one. :) Just to give you an idea, my goal is to earn on the average at least 3 a day (without doing anything out of the ordinary).

One of the easiest ways to earn more swagbucks is through the referral system...hence the reason I'm writing this post. :) For each person that signs up under me, they will match your swagbuck earnings into my account up to 100 swagbucks per person. Of course once you set yours up, you can also have people sign up under you and then you can earn more that way too. =)

They do have a few MORE ways you can earn even more swagbucks. Download the swagbucks toolbar or make your homepage so you are guaranteed to use it as your search engine. You can also sign up for their newsletter and blog, connect with them on facebook and twitter feeds, or do some online shopping. Another fun thing they do is "hide" swagcodes throughout their sites. Once you find a swagcode it can instantly be redeemed for swagbucks.

I thought this could be a great way to earn a lil extra money for Christmas, or maybe more of the recovery period after Christmas, or a more realistic and obtainable goal might be for Brayden's birthday (in May). :)

So if I have somewhat talked you into it and you think you are interested PLEASE click HERE to sign up. :) And in case you are wondering....SwagBucks is completely FREE, there is no registration fee, no monthly fee, and no fee when you redeem your points. I have not received any unwanted emails for signing up either. Also, just for signing up you automatically earn 3 swagbucks. =)

If you currently already use swagbucks, I'd LOVE to hear about your experience or if you have any great tips on earning more swagbucks. =)

Search & Win


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He & Me + 3 said...

I will have to check into that...i am all about free sign ups. Thanks.

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