Sunday, August 16, 2009

Your lookin' at one "FABULOUS" Blog =)

Thanks to sweet Joan over at Notes from Oklahoma and Teaching isn’t for Wimps, I am the proud recipient of my FIRST blog AWARD. I am so excited!! Thanks Joan for choosing me! Also, thank you for following me and always adding such sweet lil comments each time I update. I really appreciate it!

This awesome award has certain ‘rules’ that go along with it. The rules for this award are as follows:
1) List five current obsessions
2) Pass the award on to five fabulous blogs

So here we go with my responses:

First off, ONLY 5 obsessions?!? Since I am limited to 5, I am going to list 5 CURRENT (as in today) obsessions. Anyone who knows me, knows this list really could go ON and ON and ON, but to spare you your time, I will follow the rules. =) Here are my 5 CURRENT obsessions in no particular order of course:
1. Jon and Kate Gosselin- Thanks to a daily dose of radaronline and tmz, I feel I have a better understanding of Jon and his craziness! (I know, its a lil pathetic but I just feel so sorry for the kids and Kate.)
2. Wishing I had more $$$$$, so I can buy a new fancy camera lens. I check amazon FREQUENTLY to see if they have had a miraculous price drop on it. So far, no such luck.
3. Sonic Happy Hour- Cherry Diet Coke
4. The Internet: Blogs (teaching myself how to improve my own and reading others to get ideas), finding and learning a good photo-editing program, googling to find answers to most all of my questions, researching Spoilers to a few of my FABORITE Tv shows: Big Brother, OLTL, Y&R…its really ENDLESS with the internet!
5. Decorating on a budget…and right now since school is starting in just a few days, it’s my classroom.

5 Blogs to Pass it on to:
1. Metroplex Savers: I’ve been following this blog long before I started blogging myself. It keeps me up to date on great couponing deals and my personal favorite: FREE redbox movie rental codes.
2. Jes over at Out on a Limb is a design student living in Georgia. She includes everything from great design tips, inspirational messages, recipes, to her cute lil nephews. She also has a sweet lil dog named Aiden, that Brayden (and I) think is just so darn cute!
3. Sara at Sara’s Art House- I love her use of color and she has an AMAZING ability to paint wall art.
4. Amy over at The Idea Room- I just found her blog, and I LOVE it! She has super cute ideas and great tutorials to go along with them.
5. Sarah at Thrifty Décor Chick- Always has super cute ideas on how to inexpensively decorate/organize your house.

Be sure to check out my Fab 5 and Joan, they might become some of your favorites too. =) Thanks again Joan!


Joan said...

You're welcome. =)

I too had difficulty with just 5 obsessions. Mine change daily.

sara's art house said...

Thanks so much, Christie!!!! What an honor! Your blog looks cute, cute!!! I enjoyed reading your obsessions too. I am a little obsessed with jon and kate too. I will look forward to blogging about this.

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Thank you so much, I appreciate this! :) Your son is such a cutie. :)

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