Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Few of my Classroom Creations

Well tomorrow is the big day for me to go back to school and sadly the end of our summer break. Fortunately/Unfortunately, I have a week of meetings to help us transition getting back into the swing of a schedule. Many of you already know there is a TON of preparation in getting a classroom ready for the new school year. After reading a lot of cute blogs it sort of got some of my creative juices flowing to enhance my classroom. So the last several weeks of my summer break I have been working on different craft projects for my classroom (or "crap" projects as Brayden innocently and mistakingly calls them). He is so funny, I told him to watch out because he was about to sit on one of my "craft" projects as he started to sit on the couch. Next thing I know, he decides to get up and walk into the kitchen, but slips on another craft project I had on the floor. (We had a lot going on.) His response was, "Mommy! Your crap project almost made me fall!" Of course, originally I thought it was hilarious and what a typical boy response, but then I realized I better quickly teach him the emphasis of the letter t at the end of craft before he embarrasses me out in public. =)

Here are a few of the things I've been working on:

Just to clarify the caption of the photo, when it says "ugly magazine holder" I meant that it used to be ugly, now I think it's pretty cute. =)

Also, my hoops that I showed you on a previous post.

* Most of these projects were made from paper mache products that I found at Hobby Lobby when they were 1/2 off along with some scrapbook paper and lots of mod podge.

I'm not quite done with everything I want to do yet, but hopefully by Friday I will. =) I am so THANKFUL for my wonderful mom coming to visit us the last several days and help me get prepared both at school and home. (I also want to give a BIG thanks to my dad for taking Brayden back to their house Friday night so my mom and I could have the whole day to ourselves to work without sweet lil interuptions. THANKS Dad!) My mom made me some super cute curtains and table skirt that I'll post later when my classroom is completly finished. She offered her advice/opinion (even though sometimes it differed from my own ideas), it was great to be able to bounce ideas back and forth. Thanks to all of her great help, I am hoping this year will be the first year that I won't be spending every single night this week up there until midnight. THANKS Mom!!


Anonymous said...

Mr "B" and I had a great time Friday night and Saturday. I just wish could have been down so we could have gone fishing.


Mother said...

Thanks for letting me help out! Hope the curtains and desk skirt works out. Love MOM

Jes said...

Christie... I LOVE your DECOR! I know this is gonna sound CRAZY, but it really makes me want to go get my Elementary Education Degree when I'm done with my Interior Design Degree... I love the cute Ideas and can't wait to see the curtains and table skirt... Have a Great Week!

Andrea said...

So when are you moving to b-ville so you can be Connor's 1st grade teacher in a few years? Love ur crafty ideas - I wish I was that crafty.

Joan said...

Very, very cute!

Anonymous said...

OK can you share some sisterly secrets! Is that zebra print material or what.

Aunt Gigi

Christie said...

Jes- Thanks so much! It doesn't sound crazy at all to go back and get your Elem degree! I'd LOVE to get a design degree! =) I'm not for sure about Georgia, but in Texas we have "alternative certification". It's is an alternative way of getting your teaching certification for anyone who has a college degree, that way you don't have to go back and take more classes...I'm not quite sure exactly all the details on it.

Thanks so much Andrea and Joan!

Andrea, unfortunately I don't forsee b'ville in my future anytime soon. The pay here in TX is to good to give up. You can be crafty too! All you need is a lil mod podge, something you want to change up. spongebrush and a lil scrapbook paper...super easy! =)

Blessings, Casey said...

I love all your craftiness!!! I've actually made the clipboards... I love them and so fun!
Good luck with going back to school for you and Brayden! And his baby pic is adorable! Cute little guy!

Bethany said...

Okay, so I laughed out loud so hard when I read about the whole "Mommy! Your crap project almost made me fall!" HAHA!!!! HILARIOUS!!! :) Sweet lil' guy! I will be praying for you both on Monday!!! :) He is going to do great!

Bethany said...

PS. And i loved all your projects :) ADORABLE!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

What great "crap" projects! (I just had to do it!) No, seriously...these really make me want to go back to teaching! I loved this part...making your classroom your own. These are all so much fun!! I hope that you have a GREAT year with your 1st graders!

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