Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Shower Snob

Somehow, my sweet lil boy at the young age of 4 became extremely picky in regards to of all things….a shower head. He REFUSED to take a shower in his bathroom because in his opinion, this shower head was just NOT good enough for him. (He is in a stage where he is trying to be "big", so he usually wants to take showers now "like mommy" instead of baths.

So off to Wal-Mart we went to purchase “a big shower, one that lots of water can come out of it.” Here is what we ended up with:and thankfully it was REALLY EASY to install.

Now I know what you must be thinking…he is spoiled rotten! Well, maybe he is just a lil bit, but the reason for the purchase is for preventative reasons. Brayden got accustomed to using my bathtub/shower over the last year because he liked mine more. My tub is garden style (his isn’t) so it gives him so much more room to play with his toys, according to him. He also really likes the fact that more water comes out of my shower head. I never thought anything of it until about 4 months ago when he got the urge to take a bath back in his bathroom. I went to turn the water on but no hot water came out, I could barely even get a trickle. Considering at this time I had a foundation leak downstairs this was a very minor problem and not a concern. He could just go back to taking baths/showers in my bathroom. Fast forward 2 months when the plumber the plumber came to fix my foundation leak I also had him fix Brayden’s bathroom…$150 to replace a tiny filter that became ineffective. Most likely cause of the problem…lack of use. So now you see why I don’t mind spending $25 on a new shower head. I know I probably should have taught him just to deal with it instead of giving in and letting him have his way, but on the other hand, our overnight visitors can also benefit from an upgraded shower head too. =)

I also discovered that this simple Kitchen Timer has more authority than I do, when telling him he has been in the water to long. All I have to is tell him I am setting the timer for 5 minutes and then it will be time for him to get out. He replies, "5 minutes? Ok." When the bell rings, he turns the water off and is ready to get out. =)



Joan said...

Don't apologize for getting a new shower head. Brayden just learned earlier than most of us how vitally important a really good shower is! We spent 10 days in various hotel this summer and I had some of the most exquisite showers in my life! I'm ready to change my shower head but since we have fairly low pressure it will never be perfect.

Jes said...

You gotta love the new shower head! I replaced both shower heads in my 2 bathrooms in my apartment; just wasn't getting water pressure or enough water! I feel his pain! The timer is a great idea!

a corgi said...

he looks so cute in the shower. that is a neat shower head! I like the timer idea and Brayden getting use to 5-minute showers. Here in So. Calif. we are on water rationing of sorts, you get penalized (pay more) the more water you use so our household is trying to count down on water use; one thing is shorter showers. We're making progress, but I like the idea of the timer to keep track exactly how much we might be going over 5 minutes.

enjoy the day


LB said...

I like your timer idea! I may have to use that one in the future. Right now, it's been easy to get Miss A out of the bath because she's been taking them with her baby brother and she HAS to get out before him. So all I have to say is I'm taking AD out of the bath, and she says, "NO, Ali first!"

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