Monday, August 3, 2009

A Monday in Mourning Calls for a Top 10 Summer List

I'm a lil sad, and sort of mourning the fact that after today I only have 1 more Monday of summer break left. I can't believe it!! Where has the time gone?!? Now, I know I should be grateful for even having a summer break, but at the same time I can't help but long for the day when "summer break" is my life. So in honor of having only 1 more Monday of summer break I thought I would share some of my favorite finds of this summer.

Here are 10 Cheap Things that I have come to LOVE this summer.
1. iTrip FM SmartScan Transmittor
- I found this at Walmart on sale/clearance for $38 (normally $80). Although it didn't specifically mention that it was compatible with the iPhone, it is. =) When you first plug it in to your car it ask you if you want to have it on an "airplane mode" I always click no. You know when your phone is going to ring because your car radio volume lowers automatically and then your phone rings. You answer your phone and carry on your regular conversation. As soon as you hang up, your volume gradually goes back up.

For a gal who loves music and had to go a couple of months only listening to the radio, this was the perfect, inexpensive solution!

2. Sonic HAPPY Hour....who can't resist the small, yummy,crunchy ice?

My choice: 44ozDiet Coke with Cherry
Brayden's Choice: Green Apple Slush

3. Craigslist- I saved over $200 on my brand new Canon Rebel SLR camera finding it on craigslist.

4. Blogging- I LOVE getting all these great and creative ideas that inspire me do try new things. I also LOVE having the opportunity to share just a little bit of our life with family and friends (old and new). It's also been a lit bit of a fun addiction teaching myself all about the blogging world.
* If you haven't already be sure to "Follow Me" so you can follow along on our adventures. =)

5. Discovering our own city that we live in and all it has to offer. Music in the Park, visiting the airport, Lunch dates with Brayden in the historic downtown, college summer league baseball games, and many more new things.

6. Mod Podge- It has had me making sure I check the clearance section in every store I go to plus even visits to the GoodWill, and local Thrift Stores just to see what I can "transform". It is so easy to use, it works as a glue and top coat/sealer. Here is a VERY basic transformation I did for my classroom with something I picked up at Kohl's on clearance for $3 (sorry for the glare)

7. Cake Batter Ice Cream (the Wal-Mart brand)...and its extra good with some Root Beer (Wal-Mart brand again of course) for the Perfect Root Beer Float. =)

8. Pool Accessories
Brayden's Choices: Foam Pumper Water Gun(clearanced at Target) and Spiderman water launcher (from Dollar Tree). Although I will have to admit we have had a couple of breaks. His spiderman launcher did break after a couple weeks of playing with it, but we have been able to rig it so it still works. I broke one of the foam launchers when I was playing with it for one of the first times...guess I didn't know my own strength. =)

His other favorite, Diving Spaceships. I got these from Academy Sports for only $5 and had previously found them at Target for $10. The great thing about both of his choices...they are just as much fun for adults too. =)

My choices are for a new fun activity that I discovered this summer..water aerobics. There are a ton of instructional videos on youtube to learn different water exercises. Unfortunately I haven't quite gotten over the embarrassment of my equipment so I only use them if we are one of the only ones at the pool.


This summer Brayden has learned to jump in on his own and........

10. Brayden's new "Night Time Medicine": Melatonin

I am so proud of him! He has already learned how to swallow medicine and there's no complaints when its time to take it. In fact, sometimes he reminds me that its time. Although I haven't been 100% consistent with him taking it each night. The nights that he does take it, there are NO complaints about going to bed, even before midnight. =)



Joan said...

Christie ~ I too am mourning the swiftly approaching end of summer. I love your list. Shoot, I love any list. Some of your summer favs are mine too. I love Sonic! You know you can go to the web site and get a free kid meal for Brayden for his birthday. =)

a corgi said...

what a great list of the "top 10's" of summer! I bet it is hard to see it winding down and school just around the corner; sounds like you had an awesome summer though doing lots of interesting fun things


Jes said...

Love the list of "Top 10's for Summer"! More and More in Common... Love Sonic Happy Hour, Exploring your Hometown, and ICE CREAM! Yummy! Great pics of Little Brayden in the pool! He's getting brave!

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