Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Night of Fun with Friends

Tonight Brayden and I were both able to have a play date. He was able to play with one of his good "older" friends and I was able to catch up and visit with his mom, one of my good friends. It was an extra added bonus for Brayden because Alex's cousin was in town also so Brayden got a chance to meet another friend. After they played and played upstairs, we of course had to to finish the evening off with a mini lil blacklight party. The boys had a blast!

Of course with no nap today, we had a little bit of this tonight:

and then he was so sad that his friends had to leave.

He was also yawning his head off by this time, so we read a lil book in his bed.

Then he decided that he didn't want to "mess up his pretty bed" and asked if he could sleep in his sleeping bag on the floor. So here he is...

Sound asleep...

P.S. He is no longer on the floor. =)



Jes said...

Too Cute! He looks so sound asleep!

a corgi said...

glad both of you had a good evening with friends! so cute Brayden sleeping on the floor; I would imagine after a bit the comfort of his big bed would call to him, very cute pictures


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