Sunday, August 30, 2009

Popping Toes

Who would have ever thought popping toes would be SO HILARIOUS!!?! Apparently to a 4 yr old, it's a really "silly" feeling. Tonight, Brayden was on one side of the couch playing games on my iPhone while I was on the other hand doing some long over due blog reading when he kept "accidently" kicking my leg which would make my computer screen shake. I found it to be very annoying so as his foot sat next to me, I grabbed one of his toes and "accidently" pulled it. Well, I'll let you see for yourself his reaction:

The icing on the cake: After the last video, he asks me "Why are there tears coming from eyes?" LOL! I just LOVE this lil guy! Photobucket


Sharon said...

Oh, Brayden you are just too funny!! Grandma

aunt gigi said...

OOHHH I laughed so hard!!!

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