Friday, August 28, 2009

Singing Brayden

Last night we went to the dollar store and since the weather was a lil gloomy, Brayden thought for sure we must get a new umbrella. Of course, since it was only $1 I couldn't resist. He was unbelievably excited over this cheap umbrella. Here is a quick video I captured in the car:

Then of course once we got home, he was "video inspired" and wanted to do a couple lil recordings with him and his guitar.
Wearing his silly glasses playing his "banjo":

The follow up:



Joan said...

I love the "umbrella" song! Too cute.

I still think it is so cool you can watch him at pre-k. Wish I could watch my 8th grader at school! Well....maybe not!

How was it getting back to the hustle of the classroom? For me it was crazy, but I am glad to be back.

Christie said...

Thanks Joan!
It was definitely crazy getting back to the grind of school...and very exhausting! I'm hoping this week will not be as much of a struggle waking up by 5:30am and staying awake past 8pm. =)

aunt gigi said...

I think it is the next American Idol star! I love it!

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