Sunday, August 30, 2009

Everything is Better with a Fairy

Ever since a lil slip last year at daycare when Brayden popped his kneecap out of place, he has become quite the lil "drama king" (most of the time). He can really turn his "acting skills" on. For example, if he falls and scuffs his knee it is not a thing for him to INSIST on being carried ALL day because he is ADAMENT that he can not put any weight on his leg. Well this last Monday after we got home from our first day of school, he accidently hurt some part of his body (I don't even remember what is was). Being as exhausted as he was it was A BIG deal and exhausted as I was my tolerance level was a lil low. So I had to think quick. Since I have had pretty good luck in the past with my made up "birthday fairy" and "growing fairy" stories I thought I would try my luck with a "boo boo fairy". It worked well since it was his first night back at our house, I was able to say that she stopped by why he was at grandmas house and left him special boo boo medicine (really just a black feather). Thankfully it worked like a charm! Of course, later in the week...he got hurt again and the first thing he asked for was his new "boo boo" medicine. Well this afternoon he got hurt on his chin (not even enough to leave any kind of mark) and the first thing he asked for was his boo boo medicine. When I went to get his "boo boo" medicine, it wasn't there. I guess with his ceiling fan blowing it must have somehow floated away. Being the problem solver he is, he instantly thought "maybe we can just write her a letter to get some more." I said "sure, we'll do it before we go to bed tonight." Of course, he didn't let me forget it. Immediately after his bath he asked me if we could write the letter now. After saying yes, he ran to get some paper and a pen and asked me if I could please write it for him. So we wrote his letter and then he quickly wanted to get in bed and had me perfectly position it on his belly so she could see it when he was sleeping.

And here is the note she left him:



Bethany said...

that is so cute :)

Joan said...

That is so darn cute! Ah, the years if fairies and Santa and bunnies who delivered chocolate eggs. I am close to losing those days....very close.

aunt gigi said...

So cute Christie!! I bet he appreciated it in the morning.

Andrea said...

That is too cute. I'm sure he will be so excited when he wakes in the morning to find more boo boo medicine.

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