Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No More Duck Tape!!

Ok, as embarassing as it is to admit I have a confession to make...I used duck tape to fix my car! About 3 weeks ago the leather on my driver door was starting to peel off/come unglued. Not sure if this has ever happened to you or not, but it is absolutely disgusting! The glue is a HUGE mess. I just happened to be at my parents when it happened so my sweet dad attempted to fix it for me, but was not quite confident in his own work. I knew I would need a backup plan just in case I was driving and it started to come unglued again. So fearing the worst, I made a trip to Wal-Mart. I was excited because they even had black duck tape to match my car! Of course my brain was thinking maybe it will blend in so well that this could be a permanent fix....not so much. Although it was a good temporary fix, it just wasn't quite the look I wanted to go for. I called the local Ford dealer in McKinney to get an estimate on how much it would cost for the repair. Believe it or not, they were nice enough to recommend me a cheaper alternative. They suggested I go to a trim shop in McKinney (and even gave me the name of one) because it would be very expensive if they did it. They would have to replace the whole door panel. So I called the trim shop to get an estimate (fearing it would be in the hundreds), but to my thankful surprise it was only going to be $35. I was thrilled! To make it even more perfect I was able to take it in the next morning (Saturday) to be fixed and it would only take about an hour.
So Saturday morning we went in at 10 for our appointment, but unfortunately he wasn't quite ready for us. He didn't realize we were going to be sitting around waiting so he asked if we could just come back in 45 minutes so he could finish up the car he was working on. That actually worked out perfectly for me because I had noticed from the map a park that I have always wanted to check out was about 3 blocks over. This park sparked my interest because I knew it had the original splash park for Mckinney. When we got there, I think we were both in awww...the playgrounds alone were HUGE!! We got there at the perfect time because they weren't all that crowded just yet. They have 1 playground that is proably for a little bit older kids then they had another one that was just his size. The splashpark was nice, but definitely an older one. Here are a few pics of him playing on the playground:

As it started to get a little more crowded Brayden just wasn't quite feeling the other kids. Luckily we had his bike in the car so we went to the basketball court and he was able to ride around a lil bit. It was perfect! He enjoyed trying to chase/catch me as I ran around the court attempting to dodge him.

When we both had enough it was time for us to go back and get the car repaird. About an hour later we had a door panel that was "good as new" (as Brayden likes to say) with no duck tape!



Joan said...

Don't feel bad. Driving to school one day I clipped a trash can that was placed a little too far out in the road. My side passenger side mirror took the impact and when I got to school it was dangling. Great! A roll of clear packing tape got it fixed right up and I could even adjust it! My husband joked that my little Ford Focus was my ghetto car. I traded it for my new Jeep before I got it fixed.

Christie said...

Thanks Joan, it makes me feel better to know I'm not alone in using tape for car repairs. =)

Jes said...

I figured like you did that it would cost a lot to get that door trim fixed, but 35 dollars! Wow I'm surprised!

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