Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Some of you probably already know about Kevin and Amanda's amazing, FREE font website. If not, I'd LOVE to introduce you!

Just go to their website and they have a TON of FREE and SUPER CUTE fonts to download. They even have a "Download All" button...can't get any easier than that! Here are just a few samples that I created to show you some of their fonts:
Don't have a blog? Don't worry, once downloaded all of their great fonts work on ALL of your other programs such as Microsoft Word/Powerpoint or your photo editing program. Just follow their easy step by step instructions on how to download the fonts.

If you do have a blog, they have an AWESOME tutorial showing you step by step instructions with pictures on how to apply the specific font(s) you want to your blog. Just make sure you follow each step by step direction.

Also, I recommend checking back with their website frequently to see if they have any new fonts to download or subscribe to their RSS feed. Since I first downloaded the fonts about 3 weeks ago they have already added some new ones. =)

Good luck "JazZiNg" up your typed writing! =)

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