Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to my sister Angela!

Today is my sister Angela's birthday, "Aunt Angie" as Brayden likes to call her. We just wanted to wish her a very happy birthday. Brayden thought he needed to "make a cake and blow out candles for her." So we created a lil pizza box cake and added some candles. He of course had to have his pirate candle from his own party a few months ago on the cake as well. After our first take, he said "Aww that was so beautiful...that just touches my heart." I started laughing! It makes me realize that he actually does listen to me (well, at least when I compliment him).

P.S. This is our first attempt for a video, so sorry if it sounds as though he is yelling. =) He also INSISTED the lights be turned off so the candles could be brighter so the lighting isn't the greatest either.

P.P.S I just need to clarify that the candles and the number on the box have no significance to the age she turned today. =)

Happy Birthday! We Love You!


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