Monday, August 3, 2009

A Fabulous Friday

On Friday, Brayden and I had a wonderful playdate with my friend Bethany and her precious little daughter Savannah. We went to a place that neither of us had been to before: Pump it Up JR. In the beginning, I think it was a little overwhelming for all of us. =) Since it was a JR you had to be 4 yrs old and under, so it was basically about 50 kids or so running around wild (for the most part). I think they had a great I buckled Brayden into his carseat his response was "that was so cool!" Then we headed off to my favorite fast food Mexican restaraunt, Taco Cabana...LOVE that place!! We had such a great time with Bethany and Savannah!!

On our way home, Brayden started talking about airplanes and airports again (not quite sure where the idea even came from). He asked me where the airport was and I explained to him how we had a few right of them right around us. Of course, his next response was "well, where are they? So I pointed in the direction of DFW and Dallas Love Field, then I told him that we actually have a small airport right here in McKinney. Just as fast as those words came out, the next words were "you wanna go check it out?" His face lit up with excitement as he said "yes mommy! yes! let's go! let's go mommy!" (He thinks it's a little more effective to repeat himself). With nothing else planned for the day we were off to a new adventure.

The airport was so much fun for us! We got lucky and went during a time when they had a lot of action. Every 10 minutes or so we were able to either watch a plane take off or land. We also watched as one plane got some gas, close up of pilots loading and unloading, moving a plane to a new spot and we noticed each time they checked the oil. I'm sure we will definitely be going back a few more times.


Jes said...

Don't you love unexpected fun days?! I never thought my picnic in the park could be so fun, but little did I know that it was one of the most memorable times so far this summer! That is a memory you will never forget, and he probably won't either! Love the Post! Looking forward to the top 10 things for the summer!

a corgi said...

how fun with time with good friends and seeing the planes land/take off at the airport!


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