Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Framing

Last summer, I enhanced a few of my pictures of Brayden by making my own mats using scrapbook paper and wrapping paper. Although I really liked the setup and the colors at the time, over a year the lime green and zebra print just kind of wore on me. I was ready for a lil more of a "sophisticated" look rather than the "fun look". I purchased some cheap scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby in a couple of coordinating prints and solid red. I made my new mats and had my display just the way I liked it, until I came across a super cute idea from Ashlee at Pretty Partridge (such a cute website!). She made a really cute frame weaving the scrapbook paper and adding ric- rack around the photo. I LOVED both of these ideas! In fact, so much so I had to go ahead and add some ric-rack to one of the frames I just finished to complete the look. It worked out perfectly because this was the one frame that didn't have just a touch of red, which was really bothering me. I think it was the perfect extra enhancement that it needed. Here is the BEFORE: and then the AFTER:Here is a CLOSE UP:I just used hot glue to attach the ric-rack. VERY simple and all for a project total of under $8, including the frame!
Here is the "full display":

On my agenda (hopefully before I go back to school) is this:
I am wanting to add a photo collage up my staircaise, but just don't quite know where/how to begin. I have been collecting various cheap frames over the last few months, but just haven't gotten the nerve to start yet. (I'm definitely open for suggestions/opinions on this one.) One thing is for sure, I do know that at least one of the frames will definitely have a mat that is made out of weaved scrapbook paper. =)


Jes said...

Love the frames.. I will definitely be using that little idea. I need to redo some pictures myself. I'll do a post later this weekend of some ideas for the staircase. Excited to see what you do though too!

Joan said...

Very, very cute! I love how you have just that little splash of red in your photo grouping. Very nice!

Good luck with the staircase wall!

Christie said...

Thanks for the compliments...I'm glad you guys like how it turned out. =)

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