Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yea for Grandma Visits

This past weekend my mom came down to visit us for a little bit. She came down on Friday afternoon and stayed through early Saturday evening. We had a great time shopping and then getting scared by a “ghost story” (really me just reading a website about black lights in a scary voice). Brayden had such a tight grip on both my hand and moms to "protect us" (as he liked to call it.) He LOVES to get scared! Well, as long as he knows we are just pretending. =) Saturday morning Brayden and I fixed biscuits one of our favorite breakfasts for grandma: biscuits and gravy.

After a yummy breakfast, we decided to take a few little pictures outside. Here are a few:

Then we headed out shopping to a couple of Targets looking for some great deals. After shopping we decided we would utilize a gift card I had received for Cream Stone Creamery. Our ice cream was very yummy but very rich too!

After we cooled down with the ice cream we went across the street to this cute little child size town at one of the newest Allen shopping centers. Brayden absolutely loved it because everything was “just his size.” He visited the fire station, bank, train station, gas station, and a couple of other cute ones.

They also had a cute child size maze. Brayden and I had a blast chasing each other!

My mom started visiting with another mom that was also there with her children, and she told her what a great deal the Children’s Place Outlet was having on most of their summer clothes. So after we couldn’t take the heat anymore, we were off to the Outlet mall. Boy, she was right! I think the whole mall must have had some pretty great deals because the whole place was PACKED! Since Brayden was such a good little shopper, grandma let him ride one of the little toys outside. He loves these things for some reason.

After all that, we were so exhausted it was time to go home. Since Brayden needed to take a late afternoon nap and I needed to work on my assignment that was due that evening, my mom decided it was time for her to go home as well. Of course, neither of us were ready for her to go, but luck forward to her coming back soon!

Thanks for such a fun visit Grandma!!!


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Blessings, Casey said...

love the pic of you cute!! love the maze,that looks like so much fun

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