Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Day of Great Deals!

Today was one lucky day for me finding GREAT deals!

It started off at the McKinney Super Target. My mom and I went there after going to the Allen Target the night before and finding all of their summer d├ęcor 50% off (which we just thought was a great deal). At the McKinney Target they had everything 75% off!!! We were so excited we just started grabbing things and putting them in the shopping cart. (I had to teach my mom a lesson about bargain hunting and 75% off sales. =) Fill your cart up with anything you might possibly want. Then when your done looking take your shopping cart out of the area and go through it to see what you really want or not. Then just put back the things you don’t want.) With such a great deal it didn’t take long before the aisle was crowded and the shelves were empty. Here’s a pic of all my great deals:

Brayden was super excited because he got a bowling set, a croquet/bocce set, badminton game, gardening gloves, water gun and shooters, and extra bubble juice.

I was excited because I got us a cute picnic basket and blanket, placemats, plastic plates for Brayden, pitchers, picture frames, and a couple of big rubber toy storage tubs for only $1.25 (not in the picture). Not quite sure what I will do with the tubs yet, but they were such a great deal I couldn't pass on them.

Grand Total Savings: $123!

We were so excited that we went to another Target (yes, in case you are counting that is 3 different Targets in less than 24 hours) but unfortunately they only had their stuff at 50%. I checked with one of the managers to see if they do price adjustments, but unfortunately he said each Target is different on the clearance items so they don’t price adjust.

Thanks to a tip from a mom at Cream Stone Creamery, one of our next stops was to the Children’s Place outlet. She was right, they did have a great sale going on! Everything that was already on sale, you take an additional 50% of the sale price. I went ahead and picked up several things for next summer. It was a little sad seeing size 5 shorts…they look SOO big now, I just can’t imagine them ever fitting him!

All in all: 2 swimsuits, 5 shorts, 7 t-shirts, 3 tank tops, and 5 basketball shorts

Grand Total Savings: $154!

$15 of that savings was from my "line/checkout neighbor" giving me her coupon that she had just used which let me save an additional 15%. Plus the coupon doesn’t expire until Sept 7 so I can reuse it again.

Although I went to the Outlet, I'm sure the regular Children's Place has the same deal going on. I've noticed this outlet usually carries the exact same thing as the regular store.

In case you were wondering on tomorrow’s agenda: Check out one more Target's clearance and back to Children’s Place to get 1 more swimsuit that I wished I would have grabbed…who can’t beat a $4 swimsuit?!



Jes said...

I think I'll be taking a little trip to target tomorrow myself! How can beat such great deals?!

Bethany said...

I love it :) That's Awesome Christie! Looks like you all had so much fun!!!

Jamie said...

So cute!!!

Blessings, Casey said...

I love Children's Place! We always get so much stuff for a good price. Their sales,plus coupons...I walk away with so much! Good job!

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