Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday: Haircut Day

Sunday was haircut day! Unfortunately Brayden's lil "faux hawk" did not last long at all. I think only a couple of weeks and then he REFUSED to let me comb that way anymore...he was back to his straight and arrow: combed over to the side look. Lately, I've noticed as the day goes on his hair tuns into a wild mess, so it was time to cut it again. I cut his hair out on the front porch, so usually as I get all the stuff prepared he plays on the front porch.
Today, on his own he decided to make a lil hopscotch game with his sidewalk chalk. I thought it was to cute!

After his haircut:

As I was cleaning up he was playing on the porch again. I was so proud of him because he was playing with a ball and it went into the street. He immediately came to get me to tell me, instead of running out in the street to get it. That's never happened to him before, but we've talked about it if it were to happen so I'm glad he listens to me at least some of the time. =)
As a reward for being so good, he earned the choice of one a new bath toy (one of my Target clearance items.) He chose a "How to Make Soap" kit. It was a great deal, it was on clearance for $3.75 and had been $15. It wasn't quite as easy to make the soap molds as the boy on the package did, but he still had a great time with them. On the bright side, we at least got some new Play-dough molds out of it.

Also, today I was trying to organize some old photos, so of course I had a little helper that was wanting to be put to work. Here's Brayden putting together his "big boy book". He would not let any pictures in his book of him as a baby. "Those are Baby Brayden, they have to be in a baby book."

I love the serious/intent look on his face as he works. =)


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