Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Topped with a Night Swim

Today we had a really fun day visiting with one of my good friends. She came down from Dallas and we went to lunch at McAlister's and then spent the afternoon visiting. Originally we were going to have a pool date. As we caught up, the afternoon just kind of slipped away from us and we never made it out to the pool. It was a nice little change for mommy to have a play date. =) Brayden was very sad when my friend had to leave, so to make it a little easier I promised him some swim time "later". I was hoping as the evening went on he would either forget about it or change his mind. Of course with him, only wishful thinking. =) Finally after I had run out of excuses for us not to go, and the promise of us going tomorrow wasn't enough for him, I decided he wasn't going to give up. Shortly before 8 we made the short walk over to the pool under one condition; he had to stay on the stairs to swim. I decided to take my new camera and get a few swimming shots. Here are a few of my favorites:

Blowing Bubbles in the water:

After his long and oh so tiring 20 minute "swim"/splash around in the pool, he was ready to go home. We fixed a quick little snack of graham crackers and peanut butter. He was sooo sleepy the poor lil guy could hardly keep his eyes open as he ate.

*Although he isn't really sleeping in this picture, I thought it was a good representation of how heavy his eyes were. Or maybe he was just deep in thought as he spread on his peanut butter. =) After his snack, he tried to watch a few minutes of one of his favorite tv shows but he just couldn't do it. It was about 9:30 and he came over to me and uttered 4 words that I have NEVER heard him say before (of course, in that specific order) and didn't think I would EVER hear him say: "Let's go to bed." I was in absolute shock! We walked upstairs, he crawled into bed and in less than 5 minutes here he was out for the count!
How sweet is this lil guy as he's sleeping!?! Now as much as I would love to think he was so sleepy because he didn't have a nap today and we had such a fun day, I'm not totally convinced. Shortly before we went swimming he took one of his lil "night time medicines" as we like to call it...but is actually Melatonin. Tonight was his third night to take it. Although it worked well tonight, I'm still not quite convinced of its effectiveness. Hopefully by this weekend I will be able to see if it really helps him or not. If anyone has had any experience using Melatonin, I would love to hear your input. =)


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