Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Not-So "Jammin in July" Thursday

If you have read through my blog, you might remember a post "Jamnin in July." Thursday nights the month of July McKinney has music at the park. Since this is the last Thursday of the month and we didn't get to make it the last two I was excited to take Brayden tonight. I was dying to use use our cute, new picnic basket and matching blanket. I just had 2 problems with this plan: 1) I had a midterm and assignment that were both due by midnight. (Being the procrastinator I am, the assignment had not been started and typically I work on them up until 11:55.) 2) This morning I woke up to a HORRIBLE thunderstorm, so I instantly thought: I wonder if they'll cancel it tonight? I thought surely they would, we had TORRENTIAL rain for goodness sakes. Well as the day progressed, the sun became more and more visible. We went on with our day and I completly forgot about my thoughts of it possibly be cancelled. In fact, I did my best to schedule everything so it would be possible for us to go. Thanks to my wonderful friend Lacy, Brayden had a fun lil playdate with his best girlfriend Katey while I took my midterm. I planned it perfectly so that we would come home, Brayden would take about an hour nap before we left for the park. As he was napping, my game plan was to get my ideas ready for my assignment so I could take it with me to the park and jot down notes on what I would want to write. This part of the plan went exactly as you can see Brayden is SOUND asleep on our way home from Katey's.

Everything was falling exactly into place. I packed up my assignment, stuffed our picnic basket with Brayden approved food and drinks, grabbed the blanket and we hustled out the door. As we got a little closer to the park, I thought to myself it probably wasn't the smartest move to bring a blanket for us to sit on after all that rain this morning...probably should have brought our chairs instead. Then I noticed the parking lot where we usually park was pretty empty. As we got even closer, I noticed it was COMPLETELY empty in exception to a couple of cars. Of course my initial thought: maybe everyone just forgot about it tonight. I looked for the stage. Sadly, I came to the obvious conclusion it was cancelled for the evening. I headed on home with Brayden taking another lil cat nap in the back. Then I got to thinking, he is going to be so disappointed that we aren't going on a picnic. I probably won't be able to work on my assignment with deep concentration because he will ask me every 5 minutes when we're going to go on a picnic. To prevent that, I decided we would could go to the park by our house. We would still be able to have our picnic with our cute basket and blanket, and then he could play on the playground afterwards...problem solved. =)

P.S. I promise we wouldn't really be at the park when it is as dark as it appears in his swinging pictures. I didn't use the nightflash so I could use the action setting instead. =)

A mommy portrait, courtesy of Brayden:



a corgi said...

I like how you were able to change your plans, and not go to the canceled concert, but still have fun on a picnic with your special guy! enjoyed seeing pictures of Brayden, and he did great taking your picture!! so glad you guys had a fun time together (and did the assignment get done on time?)


Christie said...

Oh yeah, I guess I forgot that important fact...I did finish my assignment just in the nick of time. =) Unfortunately, I'll have to go through the same thing again tomorrow, for my other class the assignments are due on Saturdays. Thanks for the compliments! I really appreciate you following along through our journey. =)

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