Friday, July 10, 2009

A Healthy Boy

Yesterday Brayden went to the doctor for his 4 year checkup (just a couple of months late). Despite his constant lack of appetite and sleepless nights he got a clean bill of health. =) He weighed 34 pounds and was 39 inches tall. He is staying consistent in the 25% range for both height and weight...which is good news. I'm always afraid his doctor is going to think I am starving him because he is not a good eater at all. Thankfully the doctor comforted my concerns by letting me know his middle son is the exact same way and to not worry about it to much as long as he is staying consistent with his growth range.

I was also concerned with Brayden's abundance of energy when it comes to bedtime. Unfortunately, he has already inherited my "night owl" trait and refuses to go to bed at a normal bedtime. Since we have been home for summer break, I think I can count on only one hand of when Brayden has gone to bed before 10pm...most nights it is at least 1am. Then the few nights he did go to bed by 10, he didn't stay asleep for the night. He just took a "lil nappie" in his words. I have tried several different things over the last couple of years, but nothing seems to work. This summer I have decided to take away his naps to see if that would help. Of course anytime we are in the car, he nearly always falls asleep. This summer I even created a couple of fun (what I thought were creative) stories about a "King Brayden" and a "Growth Fairy". Together we decided that he didn't want to be like King Brayden who never got big like all of his friends from not eating and going to sleep and he wanted the Growth Fairy to come visit him each night. The growth fairy gave him a special warning that his bedtime needed to be 9:30. If he isn't in bed by 9:30, then she will have to skip our house for the night and will go to our neighbor’s house so she can grow bigger. I even let him set an alarm clock on my phone and he personalized it with a motorcycle ring. I had such high hopes, but when the alarm goes off, he only panics for a second. Then he just lets me know it's ok if he doesn't growing for the night because he's just not sleepy. Our doctor remembered that I had these same issues with getting him to go to bed the year before, so he recommended I go the pharmacy and get him some melatonin. I haven't tried it just yet with him, I wanted to do a little research on the internet first but I'm getting mixed thoughts on it. I plan on going ahead and giving it a try...who knows it might be our lil "miracle" bedtime syrup (or pill, not sure what form it is in).

Such a sweet lil guy...

and always so busy and up to something.

Lucky for me though, he does take a lil time just to "relax" (at least every now and then).


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