Thursday, March 17, 2011

St Patrick's Day

A lil tradition that I started last year for St. Patrick's day is having a "leprochaun" come visit Brayden while he is sleeping. The first important job the leprochaun has, is to hide Brayden's green shirt that he plans on wearing for the day. (Last year this was pure accidental. After hours of searching for his brand new St Patrick's day shirt we had bought, we finally gave up and he claimed the leprochaun must have hid it....who knew a brand new shirt would later be found in the dirty laundry basket??) Well this year, he tried to outsmart the leprochaun by bringing 3 green shirts to my parents house, plus I had just bought him a new one while I was in Arkansas. So when he woke up that morning, he immediately went straight to his suitcase to switch to his green shirt but quickly learned none of the four were anywhere in sight. (I had hid them throughout the house in high places and he had to find each one.) After he found all 4, he wanted to wear his new shirt I got him, but it must have been missized because it was way too big for him. It worked out perfectly because he immediately blamed the leprochaun for stretching out his new shirt. :)

Next he learned the leprochaun changed all the toliet water to GREEN.

Then he went to have breakfast. On the menu was green scrambled eggs and green milk. It sounds and looks totally disgusting, but he loved it! All I did was add a lil green food coloring to the milk and a lil blue to the eggs so they would turn out green.

For lunch, he had a green grilled cheese sandwhich. After I put the butter on the bread, I added just a lil drop of food coloring to each piece of bread and then spread it with a knife. Again, it looked totally disgusting---but he LOVED it!! He also had green grapes, green squeezable apple sauce and green kool-aide. He wasn't a fan of the kool-aide, so I switched him back to the green milk.

For an afternoon snack, I made him and his lil buddy "Leprochaun Fizz." Super simple to make! All I did was a scoop of lime sherbert and Sprite. It was so DELICIOUS and a perfect cool down from playhing outside on a hot day!! I think we will have to keep that recipe in mind for this summer. :)

As one last St Patrick's Day treat, my dad installed a new tree swing for Brayden. SO much fun!!

Although we didn't have enough time to do everything I planned, we had an awesome day! And I can always save my ideas for next St Patricks Day. :)

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