Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hockey and Soccer

Brayden has discovered two new sports that he has become VERY passionate about: hockey and soccer. This weekend he was one lucky lil guy! Thanks to one of my good friends Lauren, on Friday night we went to a Dallas Stars game!! This was a first for both of us. Not only were our seats awesome, the game was awesome too!! Brayden LOVED every second of it!

Brayden wearing his new Stars tshirt.

We loved the big jumbotron! Even though our seats were really close, it was still nice to watch the jumbotron especially when there were fights! (Brayden's favorite part.)

Mike Madano had his 800th career assist during this game.
Watchin out for the blimps to drop goodies...I was actually one of the lucky winners. :)

The final score...Dallas 6, Edmonton 3. It was really nice because all 9 of the goals were scored on our end.
On our way home, we had a chance to "explore" a lil bit of downtown Dallas as I was trying to find the right highway. As we stopped at a redlight, I took a picture of this cool building. Before the game, Lauren mentioned to me during game nights for either the Mavericks or Stars they light up the building to match the team. We watched as it changed from green/gold and then to the Stars symbol. Brayden thought this was just so awesome!
Shortly after we got on the right highway and he knew we were safely headed in the right direction, he konked out in the back seat. :)

But then of course he got his second wind as I carried up to his room. He enjoyed getting to relive the night, looking through the program from the game.

Thanks so much Lauren for inviting us! We had a blast!

On Saturday, Brayden had another soccer game. Grandma and Papa came to watch this game so he was super excited to have another audience rooting him on. He did such a great job! Here are a few highlights from his game:

I think it is so adorable when he looks over and gives me a thumbs up. :)

After the game, Brayden's coach commented to me how well he follows directions. :) That's because after the last game, I was trying to tell him that he needed to "defend" his goal when the other team had the ball. He of course took me very literally, and everytime the other team got anywhere close to his goal he went right over there as fast as he could to "defend" it. I guess you could call him, a self proclaimed goalie. At one point as he was running close to the sideline he came over to me and asked if I liked the way he was defending the goal. I think he kind of picked it up from watching so much hockey. :)

Although they don't technically don't keep score, my dad kept a mental score and Brayden's team won 5-2.

Heading home after a good win! Next weeks game should be interesting. The league has what they call Silent Saturday in which parents and coaches are not allowed to say anything to the kids unless it is positive directions, just "good job". We'll see how that goes with 4 and 5 year olds. :)

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Glad it was such a great weekend! I love the Silent Saturday idea!

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