Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy GrandParent's Day!!

So I had this great idea of dressing Brayden up like a grandpa to wish my parents and grandparents a Happy GrandParents Day....little did I know my little "actor" would be less than enthused to participate. As I excitedly told him that I would be putting white stuff in his hair to make him look much older--he HATED the idea!! He of course just wanted his hair to be brown. He told me "that is sooo embarrassing!" (What?!? Are 4 yr olds even supposed to know the feeling of embarrassment?!?) Well, after threatening convincing him that the rest of the days "fun" activities depended on his participation, I finally got him to oblige. =)

*I do want to apologize in advance for his "hard to understand" communication--he really does talk much clearer but I think he was trying to prove a point that he was just NOT wanting to do it!
Here is Take #3:

Just in case you need interpretation the rehearsed script was "Happy GrandParents Day Grandma and Papa! I love you and I wish I could spend the day with you today." Then his impromptu that he added at the end was "crazy....tootaloo...I like to move it, move it."

Now this was actually Take #2, where he fully was NOT cooperating. He was trying to sing "I like to move it, move it"---Short story behind the song of choice: Yesterday when we were in Lowes he was standing in the big basket area of the shopping cart pretend surfing/booty dancing along with singing that song. (I have NO idea how it even got in his head.) He got lots of laughs and attention from the other customers, so of course this his new favorite song to sing right now. =)

Here is actually our Original Take, but unfortunately the genius behind the camera (me) forgot that you can't rotate a video. So if you don't mind turning your head just a little bit you can watch Take #1.

Happy Grandparents Day!!
We LOVE you guys!!



Jes said...

Too Cute.. That's so funny that he loves that song..

Michelle said...

Adorable- that song must be popular everywhere, I hear it all the time and at many different schools. lol

Tara said...

Oh fun! Too cute. His grandparents should really get a kick out of that.

aunt gigi said...

So cute, now he needs to get up and shake it!

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