Friday, July 10, 2009

Home Photo Shoot

This weekend when we were at my parents, I attempted to do a little home photo shoot with Brayden. Right now he is really into giving a "cheesy smile" and chooses to look everywhere else but at the camera. After just a couple of shots and me telling him "No, not that a REAL smile." He finally decided to give up and told me "I'm just not good at this, I can't smile." I started laughing and decided I was going about this all wrong. Instead of trying to do "posed shots", I needed to do more "action shots". Thanks to my mom playing with him and his truck, I was able to get a few really good "secret ones" without him knowing. At one point, he saw me trying to take his picture and he told me "don't you dare take a picture of me." I wonder where he has heard that before?!? =)

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Aunt GIGI said...

Cute pictures and blog! I love it!

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