Sunday, November 27, 2011

Removal of Sharpie on Wood

"Removal of Sharpie on Wood Furniture" a phrase that I did not think I would have to "google" with a 6.5 year old in the house....maybe 4 years ago, but not today. He should know better, especially only 4 days after we just got the new kitchen table set. You would think he would know better and I wouldn't have to say "don't write on the new table" right?!?! Well, unfortunately, lesson learned...purchase new furniture, put it together by hand, and MAKE SURE to CLEARLY TELL Brayden NOT to write on it....regardless of his age, and regardless of the fact I thought he would know better. From now on, he will be told not to write on new furniture. This morning I came downstairs to see this nicely "set" table by Brayden...I was so impressed with his efforts. He got out the new Christmas placemats, plates, silverware and plastic cups.

Then I looked more closely and I spied...

I couldn't believe my eyes!! I asked him WHAT was on the table. He very innocently replied, "I wrote our initials for our assigned seats." On each of our place settings he wrote our initials...he wasn't sure if he should use our current initials or our new initials so everyone got both sets of initials and the phrase "don't no" because he didn't know which initial to use and a piece of gum for our dessert. I couldn't believe it! As I was in shock, I tried to stay calm and immediately went to swagbucks and searched "how to remove sharpie from wood". After reading a few results, rubbing alcohol was an ingredient that was mentioned a few times and I already had it so I grabbed my cotton balls and q-tips and got to work. THANKFULLY, it worked!! After A LOT of elbow grease, about 95% of the Sharpie is gone and our new table is back to normal!
So just a word of advice, if you ever find yourself in the same unfortunate predicament, Rubbing Alcohol DOES remove Sharpie/permanent marker from wood furniture. Hopefully you will NEVER have to experience this. :)



Joan said...

Makes you wonder just what is going through his head. I mean, the sharpie, wow, I'd freak too. But how sweet he set the table, included desert, and labeled everyone's place. Could you stay mad at him?

Mellisa Rock said...

Thankful that the rubbing alcohol worked...but think it's incredibly cute that he wanted to do place settings. It might be nice to get him some materials for making paper place cards. :) Just think - you might never have to set the table again!

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