Sunday, November 13, 2011

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Recently we have had a few events in our life that have made me want to get back into blogging on a more consistent basis, rather than just a few times a year. I've asked Brayden and Jason to help make sure that I post at least once a week and to hold me to it. :)

A lot has happened since my last post---I can't believe I went a whole summer break without posting. I will fill you in on our summer in another post. Moving on to the school year, Brayden is now in first grade and LOVING it. I have switched to teaching third grade (from first) and although I was hesitant at first because I wanted to be in first grade with Brayden and my teaching buddies, I am really enjoying third grade. I have an AWESOME class and they definitely make coming to work each day a joy.

Here is Brayden at our Meet the Teacher Night with his first grade teacher/my friend...Mrs. Kendle.
He was really excited to see he had several of his friends from his kindergarten class in his first grade class too. Here is a pic of Brayden and I on our first day....

Brayden on the first day of school putting his backpack in his locker. Getting him to take a backpack this year was a big deal because last year he didn't like using a backpack...probably because his backpack was practically bigger than he was, but this year with all of his things he needs to carry his own.

In first grade he has met a lot of new friends and is starting to become more responsible. After school, I work an extra hour for the academic portion of our afterschool care and I work with the first graders, so Brayden gets to spend more time with a few of his friends working on homework and studying for his spelling tests. Overall, he is really enjoying it and I can't wait to see the growth he makes at the end of the school year!

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Joan said...

First to third is quite a change! I bet you love though. =)

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