Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ice Days

Ok, I know it has been awhile since I have posted...about 8 months to be exact. Way to long!! I actually just noticed that I have a couple of post from over the summer that I started but did not finish so I will work on finishing those up as well and post those too. Brayden and I have had something very exciting happen to us in the last five months that I will share in a new post too. Now you might be wondering, how I have all this time to catch up on our's called Dallas' Ice Storm 2011. :)

In my school district we are lucky to get 1 snow day, 2 if we are really lucky, but having 3 in a row is just unheard of! Well tomorrow will actually be our 4th snow day in a row!! It's actually due to ice and not snow, but either way it is absolutely unheard of in this area!! Let's just say Brayden and I are LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT!!

So what do you when you have 4 days off of school? Well I would love to say I have cleaned out and reorganized every room and closet in my house, but let's be honest, that's not really "fun". I like my friend, Lauren's philosophy.... Normally we would be at work and the cleaning and organizing wouldn't be getting done anyway so it's ok to take these snow days and just enjoy them since we are supposed to be at work. :) So what we have done is....

** Stayed in our pjs all day long- no point getting dressed when you can't go anywhere, right?!?. :)
** Watched SEVERAL movies thanks to Uverse OnDemand
** We caught up on all of our DVR recordings
** Read books- I am enjoying extra time with Apolo Ohno since I don't normally get time to read during the week. I highly recommend his book, Zero Regrets: Be Greater Than Yesterday. It is very motivational and a great read!! Right now Amazon is offering it for only $13.39 hardcover with free shipping.
** We have played Wii until we used up all the batteries then we switched over to playing his new Dsi. We can't get enough of Mario.
** I worked on my taxes.
**Baked some brownies and other yummy meals.
** We have worked hard on earning some more Swagbucks. Brayden is even addicted to it now. :) It's only the 3rd day of the month and we already have another $5 Amazon giftcard on the way. They have swagbuck tv and games that he likes to watch/play. I told him that we could use our amazon giftcards we earn to apply to a new Xbox360 Kinect that he is wanting. So he is all about trying to earn those Swagbucks. :)

Whew! Now that it is all listed like that it sounds like we have been pretty busy. (just kidding) :)

Personally I dont quite understand getting "cabin fever". Brayden and I are enjoying every second of this unexpected winter vacation break. :) Maybe, just maybe...tomorrow's agenda might include some cleaning/reorganizing but I'm not making any promises. :)

On a side note-
Tomorrow's forecast: high of 28 degrees and a good chance of snow
The weekend: 46/49.... just a lil warm up for the SuperBowl. :)
Monday: back down to a high of 35 degrees with a light wintery mix... another possible snow day?!? We shall see. :)

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Joan said...

This weather is nuts, isn't it?! I hope you don't take another 8 month break!

I like your reason for enjoying these house-bound days. We have done a whole lot of nothing and it has been wonderful!

Stay warm!

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