Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pumpkin Pie in a Bag

Yesterday we had an early Pre-Thanksgiving gathering to accomodate one of my sisters work schedule. We had a great time spending the day with family! Brayden especially LOVES anytime he gets to spend with his big cousin, Zach (he's 16), aunts, uncle, grandparents and great grandparents. He is definitely a lil entertainer with all these extra family members as his audience. :)

Since we were celebrating a lil early and it was just our immediate family, I thought it would be a perfect time for Brayden to try out a recipe we do in first grade: Pumpkin Pie in a Bag! It's super easy, but just a warning, it can be a lil messy too.

Pumpkin Pie in a Bag

*** This recipe here is for about 24 students, so I just halved it for us to make at home. It made about 6 full mufflin liners.
• 2 cups cold milk
• 2 packages (4 serving size) instant vanilla pudding mix
• 1 can (15 ounces) solid-pack pumpkin
• 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
• Graham crackers - enough for 25 squares
• 1 can whipped topping or tub of Cool whip
• 1 gallon freezer bag per group
• Muffin liners

1. Combine the milk and instant pudding in the freezer bag.
-Remove the air and zip lock shut.
-Squeeze and kneed with hands until blended for about 1 minute.

2. Add the pumpkin and spice.
-Remove the air and zip lock shut.

Sorry...don't look to closely at the details of what is in our bag. I didn't read my own recipe and put the pumpkin in before I did the pudding mix...oops. :)
-Then squeeze and kneed with hands until blended for 2 minutes.

Of course, I had to add in a lil "math" lesson. We had 6 volunteers in the room, so I had him count to 10 as they each kneaded his mixture for him. Then had everyone repeat the kneading process.
3. Break graham crackers into squares and then put into cupcake holder for the "crust".
4. Cut off the corner of your freezer bag and squeeze about 2 tablespoons of pie filling onto each graham cracker.

Now if you have a stubborn lil child like I do, he insisted that it had to be "cooked" before he ate it. To appease him, I stuck it in the refrigerator, set the microwave timer and waited for it to ding. :)

5. Garnish with whipped topping and enjoy!

He also had to make his "annual Native American" hat to wear as we ate. I must say, I am very impressed with his cutting abilities nowdays...especially since he had to use "grownup" scissors rather than his own.

Happy Early Thanksgiving!!


Chrissy MacCEO said...

Your son may just be the cutest thing ever! Thanks for sharing this recipe--looks like fun for the kids!!

I really enjoy your blog! Keep it up!!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Oh, how fun! I've heard of ice cream in a bag, but not pumpkin pie in a bag! I bet he had a blast "shakin' it up"! Glad you enjoyed an early Thanksgiving with family. Brayden looks adorable in his hat...all smiles!!

~Bobbi~ said...

Now that is adorable. Love that big smile he has. Pumpkin pie in a bag?! Never heard of it. Looks really fun for the kids!

He & Me + 3 said...

He is so cute in that little hat he made. How nice to have thanksgiving early so your family can be together. That pumpkin pie looks yummy...

RootsAndWingsCo said...

This is great!! I just love the idea of mixing it in a bag! Thanks for sharing.


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