Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sonic's Limeades for Learning

If you LOVE Sonic drinks you probably have noticed the "Limeades for Learning" stickers on the cups. Well my blogging friend Joan has a project for her classroom to get three new digital cameras that you can vote on. It's super EASY and takes less than a minute to vote.

Once you purchase a drink, just pull the sticker off. Then log on to this link. On the right hand side there is a "Search for project and vote". To vote for Joan's project, type in "Cameras for Storytelling" and find the project from Ms. H's classroom.

If you would like more information on her project, here is a lil blurb from the limemadesforlearning website:

Cameras for Storytelling
We are a lower-income school and I have a class full of students who, every day, work their tails off to meet our classroom goals. My 6th graders are motivated! I have the pleasure of teaching 6th graders. Their imaginations and their desire to tell their stories is still so strong at this age. Last year they showed a real interest in digital storytelling; using cameras and computers to tell their stories. I have spent the summer researching an exciting method of getting students to write and I just know my 6th graders will benefit from having access to cameras in the classroom. Three digital cameras will allow my students to be able to record and document their stories. We will download the pictures and then they will write their stories. We will be using PowerPoint, Animoto and our blog to display their work. You have the chance to bring this new way of storytelling to some Oklahoma sixth graders. I am so excited to see what they will do!



Jes said...

That's a GREAT idea.. Guess I'll go through Sonic tomorrow.

Michelle said...

What a great program... and a limeade sounds really good!

Christie said...

Thanks Jes! It does give a good excuse to go get a drink. =)

Sonic is so great to host the program, they are partnering with - which is a continual program that anyone can contribute money to help fund different teacher projects. You can also post a project idea that you need funded too Michelle if there is anything your lil class needs. =)

Angie S said...

Great idea...I love me some Sonic!

Joan said...

Wow Christie, thank you so much! My kids get excited every time I input more Limeade codes. is such a great thing. Two years ago I got 10 chess sets for my kids and our chess club. Last year I got three bean bag chairs for our reading area. Just last month we received 25 little white boards with markers for our math lessons. I'll be posting about that very soon.

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