Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Rainbow Wall?!?

A couple of nights ago when I went to put Brayden to bed, I was absolutely flabbergasted!!! Apparently the night before when he was supposed to be going to bed, my sweet, innocent lil boy did something I thought he would NEVER ever, EVER do....he DREW on his wall with crayons! When I asked him what in the world he did, his innocent reply was "I was tired of my blue wall, so I just wanted to have a rainbow wall."....My reaction...A RAINBOW WALL?!?!

Here is his lil decorating creation: (BTW, the pictures really don't show the TRUE severity of the matter.)

Even with pillows it can't be hidden...
Thankfully after a LOT of elbow grease I was able to get it back to this:

I want to give special thanks to a couple of handy cleaning tools. =) I first used the 409 and realized it was working, but my arm might first fall off from having to scrub SO hard. So as I gave my arm a rest, I went to check out another option on google and found this GREAT site that recommended 21 tips. Having a ton of leftover baby oil from his baby days I decided to try it worked like a charm! I HIGHLY recommend it if you ever find yourself in the same unfortunate predicament. =)As I was putting my finishing touches on scrubbing, he came upstairs to discover what I was doing and instantly said "Oh, that's soo cool!!"....I of course had to instantly add in "Don't you dare get any ideas!" and then had him repeat "I will NEVER draw on the walls again with ANYTHING" about 100 times. =) Hopefully, a lesson was learned.


Joan said...

Oh been there, done that. But did not know about the baby oil. Hopefully the daughters are past that stage!

His room is really cute!

Tara said...

Better get that boy an art easel. His artistic abilities are showing through.

Jes said...

I'd have to agree with Tara.. Maybe a art easel for Christmas.

Christie said...

LOL...That's a good idea, I just might have to get him an art easel. =)

Thanks Joan! Hopefully from now on he will continue to let me decorate...and not get any more ideas of changing up colors. =)

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