Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How Sweet Is He?!?!

I wanted to share a quick, sweet lil story from Saturday that really just touched me. =)

We have always been on a single income with no child support so our budget has been tight. Unfortunately this year I am having to spend a little more than $300 more a month on his new preschool compared to his home daycare from last year, so our budget is even tighter than it was. Occasionally, (not often at all) Brayden will ask me to buy things for him...not necessarily "big" items, sometimes it is something as simple as a slushie from Sonic. So I usually have to respond with a "no, sorry we can't get that its too expensive." He is always so sweet about it and "says ok" then he usually offers me the money from his piggy bank cause he has "lots of money in it." I always tell him thanks, I appreciate the offer but I need paper money not just coins.

Well on Thursday I had pulled his piggy bank down and put it on his desk. I didn't want it to be in the way when they installed the new cable box in his room. I completley forgot about it, and hadn't put it back up yet. So on Saturday when I thought he was just playing in his room, he actually was getting into his piggy bank. He opened the bottom, to get some of his money out and then he decided to put in one of his lil trucks that opened up.

He was so excited!! He brought it to me and said "Here's some money mommy. We can leave it in the car and now I can help you buy things." Of course my heart absolutely melted and a few tears were shed.

* I LOVE how he is willing to sacrifice his own piggy bank money to pitch in and help.
* I LOVE how he is always okay with the fact mommy can't buy him everything.
* I LOVE how when I say no to something his rebuttal is "because it cost too much money??" Yes, because it cost too much money. Then he replies "ok."
* I LOVE when I accidently leave a light on in a room, he will tell me I am wasting electricity AND money.
* I LOVE how he gets soo excited and a sense of pride knowing we used his money to buy his slushie. (BTW, he now INSISTS on keeping his truck of money in the cupholder of my car.)

I'm not for sure if it is necessarily the right thing to do....having money discussions with a 4 yr old, but it works for us. He get its, he accepts it, and bless his lil heart he wants to help. =)


Joan said...

Having money discussions with a 4yo is absolutely the right thing to do. I admire how you are raising him all by yourself and doing an incredible job. I think he will become a man you can be very proud of.

He & Me + 3 said...

I think it is perfect. It really teaches him responsibility and the value of the dollar. He is so sweet.

Michelle said...

You got a good one there! How sweet!

Andrea said...

I remember talking about money to my parents when I was little, and the lack of it. It made me appreciate it even more. Good for you for teaching him about money.

Casey said...

What a sweet boy! You are gonna raise a wonderful man!! Keep it up!

Amanda said...

That is precious! Sounds like you are doing a great job of raising that little man! :)

Pineapple Princess said...

Bless you son's little heart!
You are doing a good job, mama!!

Mike Rush said...

Your post squished my heart. Your little man is simply amazing. Beautiful too. Thanks for sharing him with us, and yourself too. Love your blog. I've put you on my blog roll.

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Christie said...

Thanks everyone for such seet and encouraging words...they really lift me up. I really appreciate it!

Chrissy MacCEO said...

What a very sweet little boy. You are being honest with him about finances and I personally think that's a great way to build a relationship with your child.

hollister said...

Girl, that made me cry! What a very sweet little boy!

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